The GRange Festival: Carmen 2017

The Times (Rebecca Franks) Dressed like a Madonna in soft blue, Shelley Jackson sings with moving tenderness as she woos Don José. 

Bachtrack (Katherine Cooper) The energy and commitment of the young cast is irresistible, and all four principals come to their roles having seemingly thrown away the rule-book in the best sense of the expression... she clearly regards Micaëla as a credible rival rather than a pushover. Shelley Jackson is indeed a force to be reckoned with in this role, with a big, juicy lyric soprano that conveys wholesomeness and sensuality at the same time. She's feisty enough to pull a blade on the cat-calling soldiers when she first appears, and her love-duet with Jose has only slightly less sexual charge than his later interactions with Carmen.

MusicOMH (Sam Smith) Shelley Jackson as Micaëla sings 'Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante' exquisitely.

The Stage (George Hall) American soprano Shelley Jackson's Micaela is strong willed and individual- a necessary makeweight to Carmen in the dramatic scheme.

Opera Today (Robert Hugill) Shelley Jackson made a warmly expressive Micaela... in Act Three Jackson really brought out Micaela's hidden reserves of strength.